Hybrid Tomograph
for precise building
walls inspections

Modern and cost-effective solution that allows you to precisely determine the moisture level of walls in buildings. Hybrid Tomograph is a professional and technologically advanced tool for thoroughly examining level of humidity inside the walls.

The system allows for a precise and non-invasive analysis of the wall structure without drill examination methods. Also provides the exact image of the tested material is displayed on the screen using an easy-to-use application.High precision, easy testing and cost effectiveness, it’s all about the Hybrid Tomograph system.

How it's working?

The Netrix Hybrid Tomograph precisely analyzes inside of the wall in a non-invasive manner, similar to research equipment used in medicine, e.g. ultrasound devices. The user can quickly take all necessary measurements and obtain their results, without need for costly and invasive drilling or sampling. Simply attach the electrodes to the tested wall and connect them to the digital module. Measured data is sent to the device which ensures appropriate configuration, and also implementation of the measurement cycle. Then device communicates with visualization system and test results are quickly presented in perspicuous 2D or 3D format.

A tomographic analysis may be applied to historic buildings, several dozen years old (e.g. large slab blocks) and also newly constructed buildings. The device is also useful in analyzing the condition of buildings that were flooded or exposed to other unfavorable external factors. Using of Hybrid Tomograph in the construction industry and real estate trade saves time and ensures highest precision of tests.

Why tomograph?

For years, in the construction industry and real estate trade, outdated technologies have been used to test the moisture level of building walls. To find out if there was any moisture inside, you had to drill holes, take samples of the material, and then test them. . It was expensive and time-consuming, and the measurement performed in this way did not guarantee high precision.

That is why in Netrix Company we started working on a new technological solution that would eliminate the need for drilling, and at the same time would allow for a thorough analysis of the building’s walls using modern computer technologies. This is how our hybrid tomographic system was created, which successfully replaces obsolete and ineffective methods of testing building objects.

Measurements and results interpretation

The Netrix Hybrid Tomograph consists of a measuring device equipped with electrodes and dedicated software for analyzing and interpreting the results. The system uses impedance and capacitive tomography in its work, thanks to the use of electrodes mounted on the surface of the tested wall on special rails. The device also allows you to check the fixing condition and the quality of reinforcement in concrete walls, which is extremely useful in determining conditions of structures built of large slabs.

The data read by electrodes are then processed by Tomograph and displayed on the computer screen. The applied research methods and intelligent algorithms allow for an extremely precise determination of the degree of moisture inside the walls. . One great advantage of the system is that inspections can be performed many times without the least damage to tested object. The Tomograph is therefore very useful for performing periodic tests and analyzes, checking effectiveness of anti-moisture protection, as well as effectiveness of applied methods of drying walls. It is a modular, compact, configurable device that enables operation in various measuring systems, adapting to individual needs of the user.

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